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It has officially been over a year since the last chapter and we're only halfway through the story. I know how hard it is to write massive chapters like sbj's, especially juggling school, work and RL as she is, but this is so frustrating.

Sorry, Anon! It’s been a busy year. Please be understanding. sbj’s job and life is really demanding. You don’t know her or her struggles, so just let it be.

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I totally see Brick whenever a pic of Rin from Free! pops up on my dash. Red eyes, red hair, bad attitude, and.... /muscles/.

I’m going to direct you to this conversation bc Scrawlers already invaded my head with the idea and now I am thoroUGHLY FRUSTRATED.

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You know whats stupid? All my life I always thought sbj never updates her lj because there's always this post stuck to the top of her page and it's just always there? And I kind of just thought she never updates.. Until recently I decided to scroll down and then it was life-changing



Oh man I’m so happy you found out!!!! \o/ I’m sorry, this only reminds me that I should update the blog more with links to her livejournal hahaha. 

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So, there’s a RP blog for Brick

And it’s called Murders and Acquisitions. Now, I’m not posting this to talk about the blog itself (which is actually an rp blog for Brick from sbj’s More Than Human fic, rather than the cartoon), but rather the face character the mun has picked for Brick.


His name is Bartek Borowiec. 

And his hair is actually LONG and red. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m just kinda stuck on that fact right there.


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Still into you - Paramore

:’) No description necessary

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