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Butch and the song "Build Me Up Buttercup". Maybe you've talked about this before but that's all I have to say.

it has been said yes hahahaha

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Any guesses as to what Bubbles's art project will turn out to be?

I think the general suspicion is that it’s all gonna come together like a photo-mural. as to what it is tho, ~*who knows*~

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omg how any of you guys seen the Powerpuff Girls parody that nigahiga did?

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Ohmygosh, just a huge 'YES!' to idea of the girls coming in as different batgirls for a costume party. Blossom would be Barbara as she's large and in charge, also they've both got the brainy thing going for them -and they're redheads. Buttercup would defo be Cassandra cause they're both, you know completely bad ass and ''the toughest fighter(s)'', -and both have black hair! And Bubbles would be Stephanie cause they're both super fun loving but can be equally as hardcore when needed! Also blonde!
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For the fic anon: Don't forget to check out Misconceptions, it's really long, and updates every Saturday, and remains one of my favourites.
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Also to fic anon: Because it also Begins with a B. It only has 3 chapters so far, but it has a lot of potential I think :). P/s: it's Buttercup centered.
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For the fic anon: Taking Responsibility is a great fic!!


Blogmod says this is actually an awesome fic. I enjoyed reading it a lot.

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Idk if someone asked already, but are there any good non-sbj ppg fics (because I read them all already ;~; ) that I can read to hold me over til next chapter?

i’m pretty sure we get this question a lot, but to see recs would take a while to look through the blog bc I always forget to tag them ;;;;; Sorry

if anyone else has any suggestions, pls let us know!

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